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Petra Coolen

Wow Revlie wat een super video!!
Ik ben zoals ze zeggen het "ongeduldige type" maar je hebt me weten te boeien.

Die hele mixed media is eigenlijk toch simpeler dan het lijkt!
Gewoon maar beginnen dan :)

Amanda A

Makes me want to call in to work tonight and create! Love it. And I love Caro!


Great video and great canvas!


Hoe leuk is dit dan weer!!!!
Met heel veel plezier gekeken en geluisterd!


Helemaal leuk!! Heb met veel plezier gekeken hoe je kunstwerkje tot stand gekomen is! Geeft me inspiratie om ook zelf weer aan de slag te gaan.



Superleuk om te zien, en nu heb ik zin om zelf te beginnen, joepieeeiie. Bedankt!


En nou moet ik dus weer gaan shoppen... I NEED gel medium!!

Thanks for the idea!!!


Aaaaah, GE-WEL-DIG gedaan babe!!! Heerlijk die muziek ook eronder!!, heb meteen zin om te creëren xxx


Watched your video on Ella´s finnish blog and loved it! Oh, and the music, just fabulous!!!

Amy K

You had me at...'I do not give a shit...' LOVE YOUR WORK! :)


really love your background ! thanks for sharing, it is so helpful to understand how you came there and so inspiring !

Vicki S

Really great video! Love your canvas. I do lots of art, but never post it on my blog,you motivated me.


This was great! I loved watching your process, and seeing all those layers develop. My little girls loved your music--they are 3 and 4 years old, and were dancing around with their stuffed animals while I watched you work! Great canvas.

Ann Cicilie

LOVE your fun and inspiring video - and your canvas looks amazing! Great work, girl!


Merci pour cette vidéo très complète en explication. J'aime beaucoup le résultat final :)


Hello, rev. It's my first time landing here on your blog through Jumpstart summit 2012. I must say that I loved every minute of the video. It is very inspirational. I have tons of fabrics myself so I better get good use out of them. Thank you for sharing!! It was GREAT!!!


I am blown away by this amazing and fun video. The canvas turned out soooo beautiful, loved seeing it be made. Thank you for the reminder of not making it perfect and keeping it fun.

Seriously amazed and want to see more,more, more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for this Jumpstart today!!

jane w.

OMG...I AM SO HAPPY to have found your blog! Doing the jump start and came here first to see the blog...LOVED your video!!! WOW, PLEASE keep them coming! AND....I was smiling at the "cold tea" lol..that is me for sure this morn! lol tfs.... :)


Fantastic video!! Thanks for sharing!!
I love the music too!!
Kisses from Spain


the video is great and the canvas looks awesome!!! thanks so muh for sharing!!!


That was worth all 20-something minutes! It was wonderful and just perfect for beginners like me, with boundless imagination but that little hesitation between the thought and the actual process. Now I know all about gel medium and when to use it. I LOVE fabric on the canvas. So cool. Thank you greatly!!


Almost forgot... I am now a fan of Caro Emerald - loved the music!


Inspirerend!!! Ik ben gelijk zelf, voor het eerst, aan de slag gegaan :-) Thnx!


i am sooooo inspired by your video. thank you for sharing and teaching. awesome. i always wonder how long into the process do you get that 'aha' moment when you know where you are going with this?

Michelle Looi

you never fail to inspire me!

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