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Love the idea of the 52 promises, I'll give it a try! It sounds much cooler than resolutions that only last as far as January!!!

Will have to think of those promises tho and make sure there's some good ones in there ;) :)

Happy New Year!!!!




Now this is my kind of New Year's resolution! :) I whole-heartedly cheer you on for your selection for today! My little crazies are all now in their early 30s. I made a vow to myself when they were little, very similar to yours, and trust me, I have never regretted it! I cherish the memories of the silly fun we had, and am certain to the very core of my being that this played a huge role in the wonderful relationships I share with each of them as young adults. Have yourself a silly, wacky, drop-everything-and-play new year!!


Mooi, 52 beloftes!!! Een goed begin van het nieuwe jaar... en ik kan me helemaal vinden in je belangrijkste belofte... ze worden zo snel groot en daar moeten we van genieten... ik ga met je mee doen "I'm gonna play more with my kids"... meer tijd en aandacht in 2013 voor mijn moppies ^_^


Simply awesome - 52 promises I can handle - resolutions not so much. I'm down with sharing as well. I very much need to embrace more time with my 'muppets' <--love that you call your kidlets this - too tho' mine are 13 and 16 so it has become tougher - they don't necessarily gravitate to me as much - feel the need to embrace it even more so!!! So I shall surprise THEM!!! :)


Fantastic idea, I need to play more with my babe too, yes the chores can wait. Happy new year .

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